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The decision to use FreeDAM has been made

Forward your Branding to us

As FreeDAM will print pdf’s of your letterhead and branding we require good digital copies of these in order to program them into FreeDAM for you.

Supply Data to be imported to us

We can import your previous funeral cases into FreeDAM if required. In order to do this we require a copy of your current data file in a format we can read. Contact us for details.

Week 1

Collate and send your local information to us

We will pre-populate your preference lists for you and set your details such as GST and bank account numbers into your new database so that when we install the software it is ready to go.

In order to do this we do require the information to set up your new database. (lists of Celebrants, Caskets, Staff, Caterers etc).

 Here is an Excel Spreadsheet of the data required. Once this is filled in as much as possible please return it to us so we can input it.

Week 2

We work to set up your database

The FreeDAM team will work to ensure your database is ready to go. We will be programming your branding, inputting your preferences and working on your data import.

During this time we may contact you to ensure that invoices and statements display as required.

Week 3

Data import confirmation

At this stage we should have your current data importing and displaying in FreeDAM correctly.

A copy of FreeDAM will be installed on site so that you are able to check that we have imported your data correctly. We can still make adjustments to the data import procedure as we will clear the database and reimport your data on the day of installation. We do this so that you do not have to re-enter any cases on the day of changeover. All your current funerals will just appear in FreeDAM.

Accounting Considerations

If FreeDAM will be your main accounting program then we need to decide between us when your
accounting program ends and when FreeDAM will be fully used. This is usually at the stat of a particular month or GST period.

In depth discussions will be required to ensure the accounting transition will be smooth on the date of changeover.

The changeover procedure will be documented including the reports required for comparisons.

We have done this before - it is not hard - but care must be taken.

Installation Day!

Installation and final data import

We visit you on site and install the prepared FreeDAM database and the program on as many computers as required. We then use the import procedure to import your previous cases as of today. We set up your action boards and phone app to communicate with the database and install the tablet app on your tablets.

Training begins

We spend time with your key personnel to ensure a smooth transition to FreeDAM.

Our priority is Funeral Entry and Invoicing.

Week of Installation

Training and adjustments

We spend time training your team in all aspects of FreeDAM and make any custom programming changes required.

We dive deeper into the accounting side of the software.

Fine tuning of the database and the software is common during this time.

Installation + 2-3 Weeks

Training and adjustments

We visit you again after some weeks of use to ensure that things are humming along and FreeDAM is performing at it’s best for you.


Remote Support and Upgrades

We will continue to provide support via screen sharing software and release new features and abilities. Additional training is always available.

Additional Site visits are common and at our expense.