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1980 - 1991

Tony Eddy Develops Accounting Package

Tony Eddy - with a keen interest in computers - commissions an accounting package to run his funeral home in Whakatane. Over the space of 10 years or so Tony adds to the software to meet his specific needs for the funeral home.

Tony, Fergus, Keith and Lynda Start Seddon Park Funeral Home

Seddon Park Funeral Home is started in Hamilton, New Zealand and is immediately succesful. The software package grows with the company.

Alan Leaves for Europe

Alan goes on his big OE only intending to be away for 2 years.
Countries visited... India, Nepal, England, Scotland, Wales, France, Germany, Austrail, The Czech
Republic, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Mexico.
Alan Spends several additional years in Berlin, Germany


Alan joins Seddon Park Funeral Home

Alan returns from his adventures and starts work with the team at Seddon Park Funeral Home.
Alan was involved with some of the first creations of slide shows for funerals, the first full detailed funeral home website in New Zealand, funeral directing, removals, Police removals, trimming casket, washing cars and many other tasks involved in the running of a busy funeral home.

Tony Retires (Part 1)

Tony sells his shares in the funeral home.
Tony retains the rights to the software - several funeral homes in the Waikato decide to use the software. The software does not yet have a name and is licensed to clients under 'Freedom Marketing'

Alan joins Tony in the Software Business

The software needs to be re-written to cope with the release of windows XP and to change to modern coding methods. Tony asks Alan. Alan agrees on the proviso that the software interface is re-written to make it more user friendly.

FreeDAM comes of age

The software is now in a form that is very popular with funeral directors.
Many funeral directors all over New Zealand choose to use it. The software is now known as FreeDAM.
The software grows in functionality as clients have specific requests. Alan and Tony are kept busy.

Freedom Software is Incorporated

Freedom Software was formed to better reflect what we do.
More and more funeral directors choose FreeDAM.

Tony Retires (Part 2)

Tony decides to retire (again).
Alan takes over Freedom Software and finds offices in Hamilton East.
April 2008

Andrew Joins the Company

Alan offer Andrew an opportunity to join the company as a programmer. Andrew had been working for a local computer company in Hamilton. Andrew has proven his ability time and time again and is an expert at  database design and problem solving.

April 2009

Started Converting FreeDAM to SQL

To future proof the software we decided to convert it from a shared  flat file storage system to a powerful SQL database.

December 2011

Completion of the SQL Conversion

Completed the conversion of FreeDAM with many new features and abilities.

March 2012

Added Crematorium Section

Client’s who have their own crematorium required the ability to manage it. FreeDAM can record all aspects of the actual cremation and invoice the appropriate funeral company.

January 2013

Phone App Released

With Smart phones starting to become quite common, The accompanying phone app allows staff members to log in to look up any case’s details in the database. The app will even display newspaper notices, accounting transactions and any outstanding account balance.

May 2013

Action board Released (Version 1)

After listening to some of our larger clients who were having problems keeping their staff informed of the current state of play - we created the action board. This is a excel like display of current funerals that allows various data to not only display in cells but to also be coloured to indicate status.

July 2014

Catering and Flower ordering Screens

Specific screens were created to record the catering and flower requirements.

July 2014

Added Multimedia Screen

With most funerals now having some sort of powerpoint or slide show projected onto a screen, a specific section in FreeDAM was created to record the multimedia requirements.

February 2015

Created the Tasks Section

We added the ability to create tasks for funerals. These are able to be assigned to staff members and can help with follow up paperwork. Tasks are ideal for bereavement support.
April 2015

Released Xero Module

FreeDAM can upload invoices to Xero. This allows a fully personalised and branded invoice to be presented to the family from FreeDAM and eliminates double entry of the invoice into Xero.
August 2015

Aidan Joins the Company

Aidan joined the company as an expert web developer and is an expert at creating wonderful tools for our clients to use. We immediately set Aidan the task of re-writing the actionboards.

November 2015

File Storage Added

FreeDAM is now able to store image files, working layout files and pdf’s in it’s database. This allows uses to store with the funeral case any photos or service sheets so that they can be re-printed or referred at a later date. (typically when the spouse dies)

December 2015

Tablet App Released (1st Version)

Our Funeral Arrangement Tablet app was released for the first time to a few clients for real world testing.
April 2016

Update of the Pre-Paid Section

A Complete re-write of the pre-paid section to ensure clarity and ease of use. The pre-paid section now has the same appearance as the normal case entry section but with data fields that do not apply (while the person if living) greyed out.
September 2016

New Actionboards

We released the new version of the actionboards with highly customisable abilities. Just about every aspect of these boards are now able to be adjusted. From colour schemes through to the columns and the data they display.