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Right now

Chemical Tracking

We are adding in the ability to track all chemicals within FreeDAM.
You will be able to order chemicals, Receive Chemicals, use the chemicals on cases and account for spillage and loss. Chemicals will be able to be transferred between mortuaries and a chemical stock take will be able to be done.
FreeDAM will be able to report on chemicals in stock and where chemicals have been used.
Before the end of the year

Portrait Images of the Deceased

You will be able to add to each case images of the deceased. These will be able to be used in reports and uploaded to online services such as tribute sites or company web sites. FemalePlaceholder
November 2016 - April 2017

Estimates in FreeDAM

We will be programming an in depth Estimates section into FreeDAM. This will be a major refinement of our invoicing method and a great deal of care needs to be taken to ensure we get it right. We will take the opportunity to also program the invoices to indicate if a deposit was taken and several other requested features.
beyond 2017

FreeDAM in your web browser

We will be bringing you FreeDAM in your web browser. This means no more workstation installations of the FreeDAM software - users will just go to a web address and login as they do with facebook.
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